Healthy Heat & Eat Meals

Gilbert's Healthy Heat & Eat meals are available at Hilton & Willetton. At Midland, please visit the Swan Valley Gourmet Deli.

Healthy Heat & Eat Meals

Save time with our extensive range of ready-made meals and serve up fresh, healthy options the whole family will love! Enjoy family favourites like homemade lasagne, try something spicy from our range of curries or browse our delicious selection of vegetarian options.

Our Gilbert’s Head Chef, Vadim, and his hard-working team have considered how they might best cater to your whole family and have created a fabulous Summer Menu. The menu was designed with mixing and matching in mind, meaning you could enjoy a different Gilbert’s Fresh meal every night for months without eating the same dish twice. Our menu changes with the seasons.

For inspiration on putting together well-balanced meals, download our new Gilbert’s Fresh App and browse the options. Otherwise, browse the cabinet and select whatever takes your fancy on the spot.  Included in our ready-made range is a colourful offering of fresh seasonal salads and vegetable dishes to serve on the side or enjoy as a vegetarian meal on their own.

Our passionate foodies prepare all our nutritious meals in our Hilton kitchen using only the freshest produce, sourced daily from the market.

We also have a range of Gilbert’s Grab & Go meals prepared daily in-store. Choose from pies, soups, salads, quiches, sausage rolls, and an ever-changing range of freshly packed meals for one, along with great salad, soup, kraut, and poke bowl options from Fresh Frontier, WA’s premier salad makers. You’ll find them all in our fridge when you’re in the market for a quick meal solution. Oh, and don’t forget Gilbert’s legendary Italian pizzas!

At the Gilbert’s Deli, we have made it so easy for you to simply heat, eat and enjoy, while still serving up delicious, wholesome home-cooked meals.


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