Chicken Jalfrezi with Garlic Naan

Chicken jalfrezi is the most popular curry and the easist to make. This recipe by Chef Vikas Mudgal offers a good spicy kick with some delicious veggies cooked into the sauce and served with garlic naan on the side.

Ingredients for Chicken Jalfrezi:
1kg diced chicken                                                10gm ginger garlic paste
75ml oil                                                                 200gm tomato paste
Salt to taste                                                          150gm chopped onions
5gm turmeric                                                       100gm sliced onions
2gm red chilli powder                                        2gm fenugreek leaves
10gm coriander powder                                     250gm sliced capsicum
2gm garam masala                                              200ml water
2gm cumin seeds                                                 Coriander to garnish
2gm coriander seeds
1gm cumin powder
2-4 green cardamoms
2-4 cloves
2 bayleaf

Ingredients for Garlic Naan:
500gm plain flour
5gm salt
25gm sugar
1gm dry yeast
50gm chopped garlic or granules
350ml water or milk
Oil to cook

Method for Chicken Jalfrezi:
1) Heat oil in a pan and add whole spices followed by cumin and coriander seeds.
When the spices start to crackle then add chopped onions and saute till brown. Now add the ginger garlic paste. Saute agin for 2-3mins.
2) Add diced chicken and saute for 6-8mins. Now add all the powdered spices except dried fenugreek leaves. Add salt and mix well.
3) Add water and let it simmer for 20mins stirring occasionally.
4) In a fry pan heat some oil and fry the sliced onions and capsicums until caramelised. Do not overcook.
5) Add tomato paste to the simmering curry and cook for further 6-8mins.
6) Add the sauteed veggies and fenugreek leaves. Serve hot garnished with chopped onions.

Method for Garlic Naan:
1) Take 500gm flour and add salt then mix well.
2) In 350ml lukewarm water, add sugar and yeast. Dissolve and add to the flour.
3) Make a soft dough by kneading for at least 5-8mins.
4) Let it rest for 6-8hrs then make 100gm dough balls. Let them rest for 30mins.
5) Roll them into flat oval shape after putting choped garlic/granules on top.
6) Pan fry with oil sprayed from both sides. Serve hot with curry and chutney.



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