Steak and Red Wine Pie

a real winter warmer!​

You may not know this about Gilbert’s Fresh, but they create a heap of healthy meal options daily in their on site kitchens.

The butchers and chefs work super hard to produce food you can share with your family knowing it’s just like a home cooked meal. They want you to enjoy the time saving without compromising the health of you and your loved ones.

My kids favourites are the delicious butcher prepared pies. They come in a range of mouthwatering flavours including Chicken Curry, Steak and Red Wine, Country Chicken and Vegetable and Traditional Mince just to name a few. I’ve given the list a pretty good run and so far the pies have all hit the bulls eye.

Kate Flower

Now a pie is a good start, but I thought I’d let you know what else Gilbert’s offers in store to make their pies one part of a well rounded meal. The photo above showcases a Steak and Red Wine Pie served up with the gorgeously colourful Summer Salad, available from the Deli, as well as some simple steamed baby spuds with butter and fresh thyme. The pies freeze perfectly so next time you are in store, grab one to pop aside for one of those days when life gets the better of you, or for a quick Friday night dinner option.

The Deli prepares a range of fresh salads and the store is packed to the rafters with fresh produce just waiting to keep your pie company.

Here’s my suggestion for making a Steak and Red Wine Pie a meal. 

Pie Meal 600x400 1

Steak and Red Wine Pie 

Dinner for 4-5 hungry humans.


1 family size Steak and Red Wine Pie – from the refrigerator
2 large containers of Gilbert’s Summer Salad – or Greek Salad from the Deli cabinet
1 bag of baby potatoes – from fresh produce Butter
1 punnet of fresh thyme, or rosemary
1 small jar of Gran and Pops’ Tomato Relish – from our condiment section.


Reheat your pie at 180C for 30 minutes or until the pastry is crisp and a knife comes out of the centre piping hot.

Halve and steam your baby potatoes for 15 minutes or until fork tender. Toss them through a little butter, salt and pepper and finish with your fresh herbs.

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